Funky Pickle Ventnor Classic 2023 Presented By AMI

Friday, July 28, 2023 - Saturday, July 29, 2023

Ventnor City

5600 Atlantic Ave.

Ventnor City, New Jersey


We're so excited to announce an extended format for 2023, including our first ever FUNKY FRIDAY opening party on Friday afternoon, including clinics, fun play formats and a free beach concert! Saturday will be our all day block party event you've come to know and love, with the added bonus: a free beach concert to close out Saturday night after the tournament. More details to come in the coming weeks about all the fun we have in store for you this year!

Registration Info

Registration for Funky Pickle Ventnor Classic 2023 presented by AMI will open TUESDAY MAY 30 at 11:00AM. Please sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of this page and follow us on Instagram for updates on registration opening dates.

Don't worry, we will give everyone head's up so you can be ready to register for the event. We expect this event to once again sell out fast, so make sure you are ready to go when we open registration!

New Formats!


Funky 777

A high-speed, round robin mixed doubles tournament. Teams will compete in brackets of seven teams in timed games to SEVEN POINTS OR SEVEN MINUTES. The two teams with the MOST POINTS SCORED will play in a seventh and final game to determine a champion.

Play Type: Mixed Doubles

Brackets: TBD - Seven (7) Teams per Skill Level 

Format: Round Robin with a bye. Timed games (7 minutes) or first to 7 points

Scoring: Side Out

Guaranteed Games: 6 games

Playoff: Upon completion of round robin play, the TOP TWO HIGHEST SCORING teams will compete in a championship game (7 min/first to 7 points). Tiebreaker will be point differential first and then wins. 

Prizes: Winning team receives a prize package including gear, gift certificates and Funky Pickle merch. Runner up will receive Funky Pickle merch.

Entry Fee: $50 per player / $100 per team (includes exclusive Funky Pickle event shirt)


Our unique mix-and-match social play competition… a high energy blend of musical chairs and structured open play. Players sign up individually. All players will be randomly assigned to a court with a random partner and opponent and will then play a timed round on their randomly assigned grouping. Play begins once the music starts and ends when the music stops. At the end of each round, players record their team’s score and record. Before the next round, players are SCRAMBLED and once again assigned to a randomly selected partner and opponent. After a series of rounds, the TOP 8 SCORING PLAYERS will advance to an elimination round. 

Play Type: Individual

Brackets: TBD - 24 Players per Skill Level

Format: Scramble (Random Pairings / Individual Score Keeping)

Scoring: Side Out

Guaranteed Games: 5 games=

Playoff: After 5 Scramble Rounds, the top 8 scorers will move on to an elimination round. 

Prizes: Winning players will receive a prize package including gear, gift certificates and Funky Pickle merch. Runner up will receive Funky Pickle merch.

Entry Fee: $50 per player (includes exclusive Funky Pickle event shirt)


Funky Pickle Team Tournament (Funky Form)

A unique team format with a Funky twist! Each team will consist of FOUR PLAYERS (TWO WOMEN AND TWO MEN). Think of it as putting together two mixed doubles teams.

All of the players on a team should be in the same relative skill level. For example, if your team signs up for Rock Steady, our Intermediate Bracket, all players should be rated in the 3.25-3.99 range, with no player rated higher than 3.99. An ideal "intermediate" team will have an average skill level of approximately 3.6. Each team must designate a team captain who will be responsible for submitting payment, team rosters and mixed doubles pairings. 

Play Type: FOUR PLAYER TEAM (2 women, 2 men)

Brackets: 4 Skill Levels

Funky Fresh (Improver | 2.5-3.25)

Rock Steady (Intermediate | 3.25-3.99)

Sure Shot (Advanced | 4.0-4.5)

Superfly (Elite | 4.5+ OPEN)

Format: Round Robin + Single Elimination Playoff

16 Teams in each bracket, split into four pools of four teams. Each team of four players will compete against each of the other 3 teams in their pool in gendered and mixed playing formats. 

Pool Play: First to 11 (15-minute timed games). 12 Total Games (3 men’s, 3 women’s, 6 mixed)

Scoring: Side Out

Guaranteed Games: 6 games (3 gender / 3 mixed) per player

Playoff: Funky Form Full Team Playoff. 8 Teams advanced, top two teams from each pool.

Teams will play ONE game to 15, win by 2 (25-minute timed games) in which ALL FOUR PLAYERS will compete. Each doubles pairing will play in the same game in rotations — like a relay race. Pairs will switch in and out of the game EVERY FOUR POINTS SCORED in the game.

Example: Game starts with each Team’s Women’s Doubles pair. Once 4 TOTAL points are scored in the game (4-0, 3-1, 2-2, etc.) play is paused and then each Team’s Men’s Doubles pair will enter the game and continue where the Women left off (server remains where the last point was scored). After another 4 points, each Team’s Mixed #1 will enter the game, and then finally after another 4 points, each Team’s Mixed #2 will enter. If neither team has reached 15 points by this time, the rotation will start over, beginning with Women’s Doubles. Play will continue until one team scores 15 points, win by two.

Funky Form Full Team Playoff games are SINGLE ELIMINATION.

Prizes: Gold / Silver / Bronze Medals + prize packages

Entry Fee: $400 per team ($100 per player). Price includes CUSTOM TEAM UNIFORMS THAT YOU CREATE thanks to our partners at Rush Order Tees and Augusta Brands!

Our Beneficiary

Funky Pickle Ventnor Classic 2023 presented by AMI will benefit the AMI Foundation's Dr. Jan Astin Mobile Digital Mammography Van.

The "Mammovan" travels throughout southeastern New Jersey providing convenient, easy and accessible breast cancer screenings. The Mammovan specifically focuses efforts in lower income regions and serves women without health insurance and those with limited access to healthcare. The custom-built, 38 foot van is completely self-contained, offering the latest 3D Digital Mammography equipment, as well as, a comfortable waiting area and private dressing room. The Mammovan will be on-site at Funky Pickle Ventnor Classic on July 29th offering information to our guests. Eligible guests can also pre-register for free mammograms at the event. Learn more about the AMI Foundation and the Mammovan at

So Much More to Come!

Check back for more announcements about all the awesome stuff we're bringing to this year's festivities including:
  • Beach Concerts Friday and Saturday Night
  • Special Guest Pros
  • Center Court Entertainment
  • Food and Drink Lineup
  • Local Merchants and Artisans
  • Raffles, Contests and All Sorts of Good Stuff!

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