Funky Pickle Miami Open Presented By Battier Take Charge Foundation

Friday, April 12, 2024 - Saturday, April 13, 2024

Biltmore Tennis Center

1150 Anastasia Ave.

Coral Gables, Florida

Registration and Event Info


Funky Pickle Miami Open is more than just a pickleball tournament: it's a full-on fiesta! PICKLEBALL, LIVE MUSIC, AMAZING FOOD AND DRINKS, COMEDIAN EMCEES, AND BIG PARTY VIBES. Even if you don't play pickleball, you can come and have a heckuva good time! Plus, we're raising money to support Battier Take Charge Foundation and their mission to provide scholarships to kids throughout South Florida!

Registration will open on Friday February 9th at 12pm ET.



FRIDAY APRIL 12: 6pm-10pm


Social - Fun - Lighthearted Competition 

$75 - All Registrations include complimentary drinks, snacks, and adult beverages.

"Competitive open play meets musical chairs" is the best way to describe our Funky Pickle Remix format. A dynamic pickleball social event that mixes and matches players, giving everyone a chance to play with and against a variety of different players, while tunes fill the air. 

Players sign up individually in their preferred skill level group (Intermediate or Advanced) and then are assigned to a court with randomly selected partners and opponents. The games are rally scoring and set to music. Play starts and stops with the sound of music. When each timed round ends, players each record their scores and then we REMIX the teams, once again mixing and matching partners and opponents. After a series of rounds, the top 4 scorers will face off in a battle royal to determine a champion! 

The best part? Even if you don't come out with the top score, you'll end up with some new pickleball friends and maybe even a new partner! 


Our friends at KILLA DINKS will be hosting a FREE clinic for kids ages 8-16. Local pro John Wydler will be providing guidance to students from the Battier Take Charge program in SoFL as well as students from other high schools in the area. Students can sign up to volunteer for the event to take part in these free clinics!

SATURDAY APRIL 13: 8am-6pm

FUNKY FORM TEAM TOURNEY - $100/player // $400/team

Our uniquely spin on a Team Tournament. 2 guys, 2 gals per squad. Guaranteed fun and social competition for all. Check out the below for information on the SKILL LEVELS and BRACKETS.

  • FUNKY FRESH - (Improver-Intermediate Rec. Players; Collective DUPR 14) If you love playing pickleball, but intense competition isn't really your thing, look no further. This bracket is dedicated to the true rec player. Maybe you don't even know your rating and that's okay. You're more focused on having fun than going undefeated. Your game plan for the day is to win... at life! Average rating for your team should be in the 3.0-3.5 range.
  • SURESHOT -  (High Intermediate Rec. Players; Collective DUPR 16) This isn't just a hobby. You play on the reg and you're pretty darn solid. You have some tourney experience and maybe even graced a 3.5 medal stand. You're not striving for the cover of Sports Illustrated, but you want some good competition to test your skills. This bracket is for the solid players that hover right around 3.75-4.0 ratings. 
  • SUPERFLY - (Advanced Tournament Players; Collective DUPR 18) Pickleball is a lifestyle and you are dedicated to living that good life. You are an experienced tournament player. You're at least a 4.0 and maybe higher. You're not a pro, but if you didn't have a damn day job... You take pride in your game and you want strong competition. Very strong players with an average rating around 4.25-4.5.
  • NOT FUNKIN' AROUND - (Hardcore Tournament Players; Collective DUPR 20) You're always one of the best on the courts. You know your DUPR off hand. You hit every tournament within 50 miles... and sometimes more. You've won medals at 4.0+ levels. Maybe you're even an aspiring pro?! You want TOP COMPETITION and play with INTENSITY. OOOOOOHHHHH YEAAAAAHHHH!!!! This is the place for you. 4.5+ rating.

DUPR Ratings will be used to determine the appropriate bracket for your team. Please note the DUPR Number associated with each bracket. This number represents the collective score of the players in your team. For example, "DUPR 14" means that the total of your four team members' ratings will be 14 or less -- an average of 3.25/player. Your team can have members rated ABOVE OR BELOW 3.5 as long as the total of all players comes in at DUPR 14 or under. 

In fact, we encourage playing with a mix of players that you might not always compete with in a SERIOUS tourney. It's all part of the fun, as long as your collective rating stays within the spirit of the brackets. 

And don't worry if you do not have a DUPR rating! Please self rate when you register. DUPR ratings are only required for participation in the Advanced brackets. 

Oh, NO SANDBAGGING. You know who you are and that ain't fun for anyone.


Each team will consist of FOUR PLAYERS (TWO WOMEN AND TWO MEN). Think of it as putting together two mixed doubles teams. All of the players on a team should be in the same relative skill level.


Each skill level bracket will have up to 16 teams of 4 players. Teams will be then split into pools and compete in Round Robin Match Play. EACH MATCH in will consist of FOUR (4) GAMES (one of each doubles pairing) timed to 11 minutes -OR- first to 11 points.

For example, if Team A is playing a match against Team B, the teams will play the following set of games:

  • Men's Doubles
  • Women's Doubles
  • Mixed Doubles 1
  • Mixed Doubles 2

The outcome of each game will be recorded and then the teams will play against another team in their pool. Once each team has played a match against each of the other teams in its pool, total records will be tallied and the team with the best aggregate records will move on to a single elimination final tournament. For instance, if in the above example, Team A wins the Men's Doubles and both of the Mixed Doubles, Team A's record after the Round Robin Match with Team B would be 3-1, while Team B's record would be 1-3. The Top 8 Teams across the pools will move on to our single elimination Funky Form Champions Bracket.

Every registered player is guaranteed to play a minimum of 4 doubles games prior to eliminations.


Pool Play Rules

All USAPA 2024 rules apply unless otherwise noted below.

  • Pool Play is round robin. Each pool will have with 4x teams (each team = 4 players; 2 men, 2 women).
  • Games are timed at 11 minutes -OR- first to 11 points, win by 1.
  • Each round will have teams playing Men's, Women's, and two Mixed Doubles games for a total of 4 games per round.
  • Mixed teams may swap players from match to match, but may not alternate pairings mid-game except in case of injury.
  • Team Captain will be responsible for roster and mixed pairing assignments.
  • No timeouts will be issued in Pool Play, except for medical emergencies, but brief water breaks are allowed. 
  • The impacted player and team have 5-minutes to evaluate the severity of the injury and make a decision to continue play or forfeit the match. If the team with the injury forfeits, the player/team may play the next game in its match or may withdraw from the event altogether.
  • If the injured player chooses to withdraw, a substitution may play in the injured player's place. The sub player must be the same gender and of similar skill.  In other words, a 4.0 or above player may not sub for a 3.5 or below player.

Advancing to the Funky Form Championship Bracket: The top two (2) teams from each pool will advance to the eight (8) team Championship Bracket. If the bracket is eight teams or fewer to start, only the top four (4) teams will advance. Top teams will be determined by: TOTAL WINS, HEAD-TO-HEAD, POINT DIFFERENTIAL, AND TOTAL POINTS SCORED.

Point and Tiebreak Rules

First tie-breaker:

  • Head-to-Head Matches Won

Second tie-breaker:

  • Point Differential (points scored - points scored against = point differential)

Third tie-breaker:

  • Total Points Score in Pool Play / Round Robin

Funky Form Champions Bracket

  • Single Elimination bracket plus Bronze medal match
  • Teams shall be seeded based on TOTAL WINS and POINT DIFFERENTIAL from the Pool Party round robin play segment.
  • Funky Form matches consist of a SINGLE GAME to 15 points, win by two, in which each of the team’s doubles pairings (Women, Men, and 2x Mixed) will take turns rotating into the game after every 4 TOTAL points scored in the game. 
  • Women > 4 Points Scored > Men > 4 Pts > Mixed 1 > 4 Pts > Mixed 2 > 4 Pts > (Repeat)
  • Traditional scoring rules are in effect. Only the serving team can score points. Players will rotate and maintain the serve as long as they win the point. 
  • First server will be determined by Roshambo. The team that serves first will start on 0-0-2. The winner will choose the server and the loser will choose the side. Once a team reaches 8 Points, HALFTIME will result in the teams switching sides.
  • Serving rules will remain in effect regardless of players switching in and out of the game. The serving player will remain in place and hand off the ball to the next player entering the game.
  • Mixed teams may swap players from match to match, but not alternate pairings mid game. Once a rotation is established for the game, it must remain until the game is over.
  • Matches will not be timed in the Championship Bracket
  • Teams may take a single one-minute timeout per match
  • Players who suffer an injury may take a 5-minute medical time out to recover and assess. If the injured player cannot continue, the team may substitute an alternate of similar skill or rotate with the remaining players on their roster to complete the match. The opposing team may choose to play any pairing against the rotating team’s “third mixed” pair. 

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Our Beneficiary

Funky Pickle Miami Open presented by Battier Take Charge Foundation will benefit the Foundation's mission to provide resources to help promising, underserved youth to reach their potential!

As a leader on and off the court, Shane Battier firmly believes that the best way for young people to positively impact their future is through higher education.

The Battier Take Charge Foundation, established by Shane and his wife Heidi, is dedicated to providing resources for the development and education of underserved youth and teens.

With focus in Miami, Detroit, Houston and now Camden, NJ, the Battiers’ charge is to encourage and inspire a new generation of potential leaders through educational opportunities and the cultivation of effective leadership skills.

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