Funky Pickle Productions

We are pickleball fanatics and event producers with over 20 years of experience creating all sorts of events: from international product launches for Fortune 100 brands to massive parties for world-renown celebrities to original stage shows and top-notch charity events. Our creative vision, wealth of knowledge, and passion for everything that makes the game of pickleball so special has allowed us to dream up a unique sports event for a one-of-a-kind sport. 

The Game

Pickleball is much more than a sport. For many, it’s a lifestyle. The game is invitingly easy to pick up and extremely challenging to master.

Pickleball's common doubles format drives a social dynamic, unlike any other competitive sport. The game’s nature allows for just about anyone, from any athletic background or level of experience, to join together on a court and play. It’s a special formula for creating a diverse and eclectic community of people. There’s a reason pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the USA since 2019 with nearly five million active players!

Pickleball is:

  • Inclusive
  • Accessible
  • Inter-generational
  • Social
  • Communal
  • Passion
  • Fun

All these factors lend to the creation of a vibrant social community that exists amongst the players in any given community and the relationships often continue well beyond the courts. It’s very common that players spend time socially, going to dinner, grabbing drinks, having a night out on the town together. 

That’s why we created Funky Pickle. Our goal is to celebrate the inclusive, inter-generational and fun-loving community of players that makes pickleball more than just a sport.

What is Funky Pickle?

“It’s like pickleball meets a block party”

Funky Pickle combines elements of our favorite events: live music, great food and drink, engaging social activities, and friendly competition to bring to life a party atmosphere around a pickleball tournament. It’s more of a spirited gathering than a typical sports event and there are elements that cater to all attendees of all ages. Funky Pickle has a little something for everyone:


Multiple skill level brackets of mixed doubles tournament play are the centerpiece of the event


A variety of performances from bands and DJs fill the air with tunes all day long

Food and Beverage

A meticulously curated lineup of delicious food trucks and craft beverages options

Local Vendors

Showcase of the best local businesses offering retail, art, and services to guests


Highlighting a philanthropic cause via fundraising and awareness campaigns


Interactive activation spaces, pickleball clinics, yard games, and other festivities provide a space for people of all ages to engage and be entertained whether they are a pickleball fanatic or have never even heard of the game

Funky Pickle is the tournament for the rec player. The player that plays every day and loves every second. The player that is ready to grab a beer and a bite with their toughest opponents because they’re also their best pals. The player that’s heading home with a smile just because they got in a great day of play. The player that loves pickleball for everything that it is, on and off the court.

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